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be supplied wi●th all the goods they needed, wit●hout the necessity of a long and da●ngerous journey. He warned them a●gainst listening to bad men, who might ■seek to delude them by misrepresentatio■ns and falsehoods; and he urged them to give he●ed to none but
"men of charac■ter, like the Sieur de la Salle.●"
er their children to learn French from ●the mis
ews—meaning the French colonists●—might become one people; and he concluded b■y requesting them to give him a num●ber of their children to be educated in● the French manner, at Quebec. TREATY WI●TH THE INDIANS. This speech, every clause of ■which was reinforced by abundant presents, ■was extremely well rec
eived; tho■ugh one speaker reminded him● that he had
forgotten one importa■nt point, inasmuch as he had not told th■em at what prices they could
obtain goo●ds at Cataraqui. Frontenac evad
ed a● precise answer, but promised them t
hat the go■ods should be as cheap as possible, in view of● the great difficulty of transportat
ill they [Pg 95] had■ talked the matter over in the●ir villages; but it is a striking p■roof of the influence which Fr●ontenac had gained ovlly se■nt several of their children to Queb
●ec to be educated,—the girls among ■the Ursulines, and the boys in t●he household of the governor. ● Three days after the council, the Ir●oquois set out on their return;● and as the palisades of the fort were■ now finished, and the barracks nearly so, Fron■tenac began to send his party ho■meward by detachments. He himself was detain■ed for a time by the arrival of another band of ■Iroquois, from the villages on the north sid■e of Lake Ontario. He r
epeated to them the spe■ech he had ma
de to the others; and●, this final meeting over,
he emb■arked with his guard, leaving a sufficient■ number to hold the fort, which was ■to be provisioned
for a year ●by means of a convoy then on■ its wa
y up the river. Passing ●the rapids safely, he reached Montreal on th■e first of August. His en
terprise had● been a complete success. He had g
ngerous navigation, had not lost a si■ngl
e canoe. Thanks to the enforced and g■ratuitous ass

ing only abou■t ten thousand francs, which Fron■tenac had advanced on his ow

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n credit. Tho●ugh in a commercial point of view the new e■stablishment was of very questionabl●e benefit to the colony at large, the gove■rnor had, neverthe

less, conferred an in■estimable blessing on all Canada b■y the assurance he had gained of a● long [Pg 96] respite from the fearful sco■urge of Iroquois hostility. "Assuredly■," he writes, "I may boast of having impr●essed them at once with respe●ct, fear, and good-will."[68] He adds that the■ fort at Cataraqui, with the ●aid of a vessel now building, will comm●and Lake Ontario, keep the p●eace with the Iroquois, and cut off the trade wi■th the English; and he proceeds to ■say that by another fort at the mouth ■of the Niagara, and another vessel on Lake ■Erie, we, the French, can command al●l the Upper Lakes. This plan was■ an essential link in the schemes of La Salle■; and we shall soon find him employed in■ executing it. A curious inci■dent occurred soon after the build●ing of the fort on Lake Ontario. Frontenac●, on h

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is way back, quarrelled with Perrot,● the governor of Montreal, who■m, in view of his speculations in the■ fur-trade, he seems to have re

g■arded as a rival in business; b■ut who, by his folly and arrogance■, would

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st the Indian allies of the ●French, telling them, sharply, that he wo■uld chastise     admin     3 Comments

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have justified any reasonable measure■ of severity. Frontenac, however, was not● reasonable. He arrested Perrot, t●hrew him into prison, and set up a man of his■ own as governor in his place; and ■as the judge of Montreal was not in ●his interest, he removed him, and substit●uted another on whom he could re?/p>

May 11, 2012

them for the least infraction of■ the peace. From threats he p■assed to blandishm     admin     3 Comments

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駆y. Thus for a time he had Montreal● well in hand. The priests of the Seminary■, seigniors of the island, regarded thes●e arbitrary proceedings with extreme uneasines●s. They claimed the right of nominating● their own governor; and Perrot, t■hough he held a [Pg 97] commission from● the King, owed his

May 11, 2012

ents, and urged them to co■nfide in his paternal kindness,■ saying that, in proo     admin     3 Comments

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place to th■eir appointment. True, he had set them at■ nought, and proved a veritable King ■Stork; yet nevertheless they rega●rded his removal as an infringement of their● rights. During the quarrel with Perro●t, La Salle chanced to be at Montreal, lodge■d in the house of Jacques Le

May 11, 2012

f of his affection,● he was building a store-house at Cataraqui,● where they could     admin     3 Comments

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Ber, who, tho■ugh one of the principal merchants and most● influential inhabitants of the settlement, ●was accustomed to sell goods across his counte■r in person to white men and Indians, his wife■ taking his place when he was absent. Such were ●the primitive manners of th

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e secluded little col■ony. Le Ber, at this time, was in the interes●t of Frontenac and La Salle; ●though he afterwards became one of their most de●termined opponents. Amid the e●xcitement and discussion occasi●oned by Perrot's arrest, La Sal●le declared himself a


istance of the inhabitants, the wh●ole had

cost the K
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n adherent of the governo■r, and warned all persons against s●peaking ill of him in his hearing. ABBé Fā瘭NELON. The Abbé Fénelon, already me●ntioned as half-brother to t●he famous Archbishop, had at■tempted to mediate between Frontena●c and Perrot, and to this end had ma■de a j

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